Haiti mobile Rectel termination routes required !!!

Lucky Telecom Corp. search for wholesale Haiti mobile Rectel termination routes with high quality.
We have stable good VoIP load ( Haiti mobile Rectel VoIP termination traffic ).

Required quality: ASR - as minimum 45 % ; ACD - 3.0 min or more
Total yesterday traffic volume was 367 minutes at rate 0.119 .
We can interconnect in both popular protocols - H323 protocol or SIP protocol.
Origination side hardware is CISCO AS5400 and CISCO AS5300.
We prefer to work with Haiti mobile Rectel direct termination route ( direct route ).

Please contact our VoIP sales department with your wholesale VoIP termination offers based on
good routes ( including details such as amount of lines / E1 / T1 's , ASR, ACD / ALOC and PDD ).

Our contact details: VoIP sales department Lucky Telecom Corp.

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